Contemporary coffee tables with creative design – wooden molds and glass plates

The designer Svilen Gamolov from Bulgaria decided to extend the usual concept frame and modern Couchtishe with original designs for spontaneous gatherings. Unusual shapes, curved elements and stylish design make this interesting More »

Stunning staircase railing welcomes your guests

When you walk into the house, you first noticed the staircase, is not it? Therefore, it proves to be especially important that you have a beautiful staircase railing. We show you today More »

Modern bookcases and buffets

What makes a living space really functional, is the ability to arrange all of your things neat and comfortable. Messy living room where everything is upside down is not exactly what we More »

Italian Furniture and Russian design for luxury Studio

The Italian furniture companies are undoubtedly the leading in the industry. The beautiful interiors are certainly not exclusively by Italian consultants and interior designers created. The well-known Russian penchant for sumptuous interiors, More »

Interior design ideas for modern house

The new house with pool by SAOTA Architects has a contemporary vision and interesting interior design ideas for living room, bedroom and dining room. The architects are known with their luxurious houses, More »


Convert a modern house in a design masterpiece

modern house japanese design

Open rooms without doors (open plan the English term) is one of the most sought after features in the design of a home. While this kind of design is modern and elegant, is facing various problems relating to the private

Large dining table to accommodate all your friends

Wave design table Riflessi

The first picture comes to mind That if I think about a wide dining table, in the film La Grande Bouffe by Marco Ferreri, the goal Similarities stop there. Because food is a celebration of life, and feel of eating

Excellent Gorgeous pink ideas for baby room of each girl!

Red white and pink form the magnificent nursery

Design a perfect room for the little ones is but also one of the most rewarding tasks one of the biggest challenges, especially, if they are to home decoration. If you are expecting a girl, you have committed themselves may

The stylish and Modern table and chairs Models by 2015

Transparent dining table chairs allow you to highlight the accent hue

Open-plan living area, along with a private dining room in the world of home interior decorating idea begins to spread quickly.A possible Home Office, game room, living room, and a private dining room for ‘ extra room really has become

Touch of elegant Gray and yellow in the living room

tan gray and yellow living room

There is absolutely no doubt that grey is the most popular colour at the moment. Grey is, for the past one or two years, also the preferred choice of Interior designers. This trend has also no signs that would indicate

Stylish room divider as room dividers and room decoration

Spanish wall trinity bedrooms malabar emotional design

A stylish room divider as a room divider not only looks good, but with additional features. On the one hand, it protects against prying eyes – for example, on the balcony or the terrace, on the other hand this is

Marsala color trend in interior design

Trend color Marsala interior design living style wanddeko

The Marsala is an appropriate choice for the apartment, beides-main color or complementary hue can be. This nuance is saturated, warm and inviting and can change totally the whole atmosphere by letting the home look even more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Most Cool Bathroom Designs Of 2014

Quarter-bao design in pink

Decoration of bathrooms, original and exclusive designs of furniture and bathroom finishes inspire you We will review several bathrooms designs to learn how to combine colors, furniture, decorations and ceramic material to achieve the desired effect, let’s start. 1 Qt

Space-saving ideas for small children’s bedroom

small nursery with sloping roof white wall color loft bed

Always a challenge for parents is newly set up a nursery and fashion. Children grow so quickly that it is almost impossible to know what they exactly want or need what they be next year or even in the next

Futurism art minimalism and hi tech in the interior design

futirismus art wall design circles

Not everything is a matter of taste. High technologies increasingly control our everyday lives and be to something you no longer do without. They are not aimed at the fashion, but they must find their way to those. Because they