Contemporary coffee tables with creative design – wooden molds and glass plates

The designer Svilen Gamolov from Bulgaria decided to extend the usual concept frame and modern Couchtishe with original designs for spontaneous gatherings. Unusual shapes, curved elements and stylish design make this interesting More »

Stunning staircase railing welcomes your guests

When you walk into the house, you first noticed the staircase, is not it? Therefore, it proves to be especially important that you have a beautiful staircase railing. We show you today More »

Modern bookcases and buffets

What makes a living space really functional, is the ability to arrange all of your things neat and comfortable. Messy living room where everything is upside down is not exactly what we More »

Italian Furniture and Russian design for luxury Studio

The Italian furniture companies are undoubtedly the leading in the industry. The beautiful interiors are certainly not exclusively by Italian consultants and interior designers created. The well-known Russian penchant for sumptuous interiors, More »

Interior design ideas for modern house

The new house with pool by SAOTA Architects has a contemporary vision and interesting interior design ideas for living room, bedroom and dining room. The architects are known with their luxurious houses, More »


Make reading corner: in warm atmosphere makes reading fun

hanging chair design upholstered cushion pads retreat basket weave

Everyone would like to comfortably retire in the evening after work and escape with a book in his hand in a different world. Who wants to read, needs absolutely calm and a relaxed environment. A separate reading room exists unfortunately

Living room designs in purple

Living room design in purple yellow picture coffee table lamp

Purple is a mysterious color which is associated mostly with high nobility and high clergy. This color is located at the end of the spectrum, and has an important role in Feng Shui. This nuance very well affect the physical

Chic walls – which decorations fit shabby style?

shabby chic living room white frameless mirror wall decoration

The Shabby-chic style originated in the mid of 1980s in the UK and has gained strong popularity in the 1990s and 2000s. This style is focused on the reuse of old or worn out furniture and decorative items, to create

Great decorations for empty spaces

Decoration ideas for empty spaces shelves

So many people deal with the theme “Decoration of empty walls and rooms“. They create so many dilemmas. It may be that you like for example the blue color, but are not sure How much and on which pieces you

A House on Lake Washington enjoy good life

Washington Lake House architecture grass

Do you want a House on Lake Washington? The acquisition of this apartment a few years ago was for the family as a profit from the lottery. Because you can get rare such views of nature and such a holiday

Bathe in the bright comfort wonderful light

wonderful lights shelves table couch

Hardly anything better than wonderful lights can add a cozy atmosphere If you in the winter and autumn think what you exactly in the sense? Probably you see yourself with a blanket in front of the fireplace with a glass of

What should I know about the curtains proposals?

inspiring ideas modern stylish curtains

The decoration of houses is an important part of the institution. Underestimate not the window decoration here! The curtains are no longer only a means of protection from the Sun’s rays and the strange looks, but also an essential detail,

Classic wood furniture tradition and style from Italy

Not do you dream of a warm and welcoming atmosphere and you would have at home don’t like to luxurious wooden furniture in Italian style? In fact, the wood never goes out of fashion. Wood, which is everywhere in the

Amazing Infinity Pools To Blow Your Mind

You have decided for a pool in the backyard. A great decision. You need to remodel but little more information about the modern pool and design, so that they free your room according to. First you need to decide is

Colorful House Decor With Shabby Chic Details

We love the contemporary chic style, therefore we present you this unusual modern spacious interiors today. Quiet they can be described as dream spaces. Convince yourselves, by looking at our photo samples! This whimsical interior design is characterised by antique