Decorating living room and dining room combination

When you have a small room (or tiny) and should get two legs to serve as a living room and dining room, the decoration is often complicated, better do it successfully on the first try, because a mistake can be quite uncomfortable to us and expensive.
Many times we must use an environment not too big main hall and dining at the same time, the worse is if we need an extra room and we have to make the hall a family room and dining room. However you can achieve with a few tricks.


Furniture style should flow from room to room. While you want to be careful about making all colors and materials match too closely for both rooms, you will want to keep your style of furniture the same. The style of furniture you use is unimportant as long as the styles flow from one room to the other. If eclectic furnishings are your preference, that is fine too as long as you don’t have only one style in one room and a completely different style in another. Try to keep it balanced.


Color scheme is very important to designing a living room-dining room combo. Choose a color grouping that you like by looking at fabric swatches and your favorite art in your home. You may even choose to use the colors on the fabric of one of your chairs. Choose a main color, a secondary color and an accent color or two.