Easy to build dog house plans

Is it too annoying for you to have dog in the house? Are dog houses are too expensive at the pet store? here are some tips to plan and built.

1- Decide how you want it to look the house.
2- Remember that bigger is not necessarily better. Make sure the house is big enough for your dog to walk without bumping your head against a low door. You can turn around and lie down easily. Dogs are like a warm atmosphere.


 Easy to build dog house plans
Build the House

1- Place a plate on the floor. That will be the base.
2- Drill four holes with the same distance apart.
3- Push the cloves into the holes with the points upward.
4- Four holes drilled with the same distance from each other in another plate, which match the holes of the first plate.
5- Raise the plate and place it above the base. Check that you have not stumbled.

Build the Roof

1- Four holes drilled with the same distance apart on all sides of the plate and pushing the nail through it.
2- Place it on top of the house. Make sure the holes are drilled in the tables as well.
3- If you want a door does not close, just make a hole in the table in front of the house.

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