Ideas for bathroom colors for small bathroom

Decide what you want to create mood in your bathroom. The colors do more than sit on a wall that affect your mood. Warm colors (red, yellow and orange) are energizing, create a sense of excitement and rejuvenation, while cool colors (blue, green and purple) is said to promote calmness and peace. But it is the color that affects your mood as much as it is the value of color, light and darkness, and color intensity.


The balance of the best colors for small bathrooms are light shades of cool colors like pale blue, cream, white or light green. You can, however, use warm tones, without sacrificing the illusion of space. Balance the effect of bright colors, keeping the main color or neutral density light, and the use of bright colors for accents. Floors and white ceilings help to balance the stronger colors.


Neutral colors are shades of dark gray, gray, white and sometimes black. They are great for the color of the base wall. You can add contrasting colors on both hot and cold tones to add detail and complement the decor.