Interior Design Ideas for The 1950s

The 1950’s produced many innovative furniture designers who worked with modern materials and shapes to create simple pieces that are still today.

Many designers with the 1950 style are still very popular for contemporary interiors. Style 1950 is characterized by materials such as plywood and plastic with simple and elegant shapes.
 Interior Design Ideas for The 1950s
Textile designs:
The fabric designs on the 1950 characterized of simplicity, inspired by the modernist movement and the modern atomic trend. Lucienne Day is a good name to consider in textile design from the 50 and Boucle was popular in the 50’s, to use as an upholstery fabric in a contemporary interior.

1950 accessories are inspired to bring a touch of mid-century style to a contemporary home. such as clocks inspired by them, and tripod lamps designed by names like Eames and George Nelson. Also include plates and racks for magazines and A Bakelite telephone completes the look.
 Interior Design Ideas for The 1950s
The colo combinations
pinks, pale blue and yellow were all in the 50’s, and the adoption of a color palette of ice cream is an excellent way to bring the 50’s style in a contemporary home.

Do not recreate the color scheme of mid-century, but the use one or two colors that stand out in a neutral color palette, or use more muted pastel colors.

 Interior Design Ideas for The 1950s

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