top ten interior designers in the world

Canadian magazine bilingual Space Living (Living Fashion), dedicated suppliers in design and interior design, published in its latest issue (Vol. 3, No. 2)

the 10 best designers in the world.

The main criteria are their influence as well as their creativity without necessarily following the trends of the majority. Interior designers who were once simply treated as decorators now boast of as true “interior designers”. Indeed, they are in a field where they want to be fully involved with the manufacturers of buildings to work in the service and for the total user comfort.

 top ten interior designers in the world

The result of the study is a colorful panel of designers with very diverse styles.

Unfortunately, I can not reproduce their achievements. But the exploration of official sites will certainly give you an idea of ​​their style and immeasurable creativity. On the other hand, the magazine is available for purchase on the publisher’s website or newsstands in Canada for $ 6.95

Here are the winners:

1. Philippe Starck (France)

2. Andrée Putman (France)

3. Vincent Van Duysen (Belgium)

4. Peter Marino (USA)

5. So-An (France)

6. Gérard Faivre (France)

7. Francesc Pons (France)

8. Anouska Hempel (Great Britain)

9. Christian Liaigre (France)

10. Simone Micheli (Italy)

Space Living magazine which also has an address of 300 suppliers of decoration in Quebec directory is published by the publisher which is the first city guide to cultural and recreational activities for Montreal and surrounding area .

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